Quality control


Qidong Leedee is full of various kinds of trees ,  grasses . We even have a fish pond in the garden-like factory. We believe that comfortable enviornment will make our staffs have very pleasant mood everyday.There're air-conditioners in each workshop . The ground of workshops and warehouse is painted to avoid dust floated in the air.Semi-finished and finished products are all removed in wheeled plastic baskets.

1.Every supplier has been carefully choosed . We insist on one supplier only for one kind of raw material to avoid mistake.

2.Random inspection of 5% --10% when the materials enter our warehouse.

3.Materials under the same order will be put on the same pallet.

4.After material cutting , unqualified pieces will be picked out.

5. Sewing sample is hung on each sewing machine to avoid sewing mistake.

6. Random inspection during production.

7. Finished products will be inspected in QC department .

8. Qualified products will be delivered to Shanghai LeeDee to be assembled wtih trolley/wheels.

9. Final QC and pack.

10. When all is packed , quality assurance manager check randomly to ensure everything is correct.